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Treating soils today for better crops tomorrow

Steve built a home in Scottsdale, AZ and had to have over 100 loads of fill dirt brought in to level the ground for the home construction.  Fill dirt being devoid of organic matter, made the prospect of establishing grass an expensive one.  Two springs in a row he re-sodded the yard.  Each time, the sod would dry out and die, even with frequent watering.  Last fall, Steve put down the cheapest compost he could find and seeded winter rye.  Bactifeed was then applied with every other watering.  The results are amazing.   Steve now has a full, green yard in the middle of a desert!

Feed My Soil, LLC is excited to offer BACTIFEED.  An organic soil system that allows YOU to easily produce a liquid that is rich in biological microbes and nutrients.  In as few as 24 hours, you can produce thousands of gallons of Bactifeed.  Then apply it however it is easiest.  By buckets, drip lines, hand sprayers, and garden hoses.


It can easily be used in fertigation systems on lawns, turf, golf courses, and all crops.  Application to dryland crop acres can also be done with liquid spray rigs and injection applicators.


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Organic Horticulture

Optimize Ag Production

Side by side, Bactifeed strip on the left, untreated on right.  Irrigated corn in Stevens County, KS three weeks after planting.  One 2x rate by a spray rig instead of two normal rates.

Accelerate Compost Production

Another fantastic benefit Bactifeed provides is the ability to accelerate the composting process.  Compost production time can be reduced by more than 50% in some cases.

Reduce water and fertilizer inputs by as much as 20 to 30%!!!

Increase beneficial microbes and enzymes that help keep soil nutrients in a stable, usable form for a longer period of time. Thus, allowing plant roots to make more efficient use of nutrients in the soil.

The same action as above, also “coats” the microscopic soil particles.  This increases the space between the soil particles and allows for better penetration of water and air into the soil.  

This decreases water runoff and pollution. The increased spaces also allow the soil to retain more water and “store” it for use by plant roots.